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Beyond the Body: A Feminist Book Series

Since I’ve had a lot of time for personal reading, writing, and gardening these last few weeks, I’ve decided to expand my own intellectual journey beyond myself and invite you all to join me! And since I’m just going to assume that you’ve already agreed, I have some fun things planned for you all this summer! Starting June 1st, I will be starting a summer reading series focusing on feminism and gender issues.  I would like to take you all on an intellectual (and intersectional!) journey through womanhood, race, class, violence, work, and our physical bodies that expands our understanding of feminism as an identity and move us toward understanding feminism as a politic. The desire to castigate women and men who declare themselves as feminists, to me, points to an anti-intellectualism that does not understand the basic theoretical principals of feminism, which will be the foundation for what I will be exploring with you over the summer: the bread and butter theoretical principals of feminism and their reach into our physical lives.

The name of my summer book series will be called Beyond the Body.  I’m curating my reading list now, however the first book will be “Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics” by bell hooks. I’d like to encourage you to read along with me! I will spend one month on each book with weekly discussions here in my blog that flesh out the reading in quarters. I will start reading on June 1st, next Wednesday, will post a introduction discussion to get our juices going. Sound good? I’m so excited!

Also, I’ll just throw this out there, but if you life in Norfolk, I’d LOVE to have you read along with me and join me for an in person discussion group (women and men alike)! I’ll continue our conversations here on the blog to expand our discussions and to include more voices. I’m really looking forward to reading, discussing and discovering feminism in a way that empowers and convicts us all.

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