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Tidying up, sharpening focus

Hi friends! How do you like my new blogging space? I decided that it was time for me to get a bit more serious and focused in my writing over here which meant that my site needed a bit of tidying up. Better images. A more crisp layout. Better organization. You know, none of my strong suits. But aside from aesthetic changes, I’ve sharpened my focus in on areas that are near and dear to my heart: faith, politics, culture, and family. What I envision for this space is for it to be a place to engage with the intersections of Christianity, politics, culture, social justice, and community, all while fostering its own safe and encouraging community of people to discuss, debate, and engage with topics that range from difficult and confusing to joyful and hopeful.

My hope is that we can all grow together as a community. Whether or not you are a practicing Christian doesn’t matter. We can all learn and grow from listening to each other’s experiences and opinions. Bless each other. So, I hope you stick around and join me in these conversations. I’ve also created a Facebook page for this blog where you can follow me and have more direct conversations and be like digital friends. There’s a link at the top right of this page. Give me a follow! I’d love to get to know you there!

Anyways. Thanks for being such a great and supporting community around here. I’ve loved getting to know all of you and talking about important issues together. I look forward to all that we’ll learn together and how we’ll grow in community.


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